About Us

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DPF-4001 PLUS+ Cleaner Machine is our successful proposal for DPF cleaning, it is the result of a profound knowledge of particulate filters and cleaning methods, of a technical skill which we gained in many years, and a long experience dealing with the concrete difficulties of drivers and mechanics. DPF-4001 PLUS+ Cleaner Machine is really changing the way of cleaning consolidating its presence in Europe and whole World.

With a strong partnership, our company has been founded as a manufacturer of high-quality cleaning machines in 2010. After 30-year experience from family BeKis started to manufacture Cleaning Systems. In domestic and international markets, we have succeeded to a proven quality in a very short while. The BeKis brand have proven it’s futuristic vision by its development as a manufacturer. The headquarters of the company are fortunate idealist and dynamic. The experienced foreign trade intelligence grants more confidence to the customers. We determine our mission with the sentence “Clear Solutions for Your Garage...” We perfectly understand the expectations and requirements of users from our product and provide them to get more performance from the machine. This policy shows our high knowledge and importance we serve to customers’ satisfaction. As in the past, the future of us contains more opportunities and developments for you to consider the special advantages we offer: High quality with competitive prices.

As a common fact, manufacturing is hard work and needs high experience. Our highly experienced production team are the guarantee for high quality in all processes. All of this hard work is only for your good.

The Bekis exports high quality machines to many countries all over the world.

DPF/CAT/FAP Cleaning, Turbo Cleaning, Parts Cleaning, Ultrasonic Cleaning Machines as a sign of the success in manufacturing, our back-up service is ready to work for stabilization in your business. We offer you the best technical support.